Shanghai Fortress 《上海堡垒》

Some time ago I wrote about the film Shanghai Fortress on Instagram (sinoscifi). With the premier of Frant Gwos “The Wandering Earth” a trailer for the film was also shown before the film. At this moment “The Wandering Earth” has made more than 3,5 billion yuan and its only a matter of time before it passes “Operation Red Sea” in ticket sales and takes over the second place at the all-time boxoffice chart. There’s still another 2 billion left until it reaches “Wolf Warrior 2” number one position. Can ”Shanghai Fortress” be the next science fiction film to challenge the box-office record.

The trailer for ”Shanghai Fortress” is only 30 seconds long so there’s not so much to say except that it seems to be backed up by a pretty big budget and big name stars like Shu Qi and Lu Han is already attached to the project. Visually it looks good but one of the more important questions we should ask is: ”Do we get to see Shanghai being destroyed by alien forces”? The Great Wall seems to be a touchy subject when it comes to ”buildings that are not allowed to be destroyed” but since we can see Beijing in ”The Wandering Earth” being forsaken and turned in to an snowy ghost town we could expect some pretty intense fights on the streets of Shanghai. I mean probably not as much as in Michael Bays movies but at least some mayhem. Preferably in a cousey alley in the French Connection.

The movie is based on Jiang Nans book with the same name (though in English its called ”Once Upon a Time in Shanghai” or ”Earthbound” ) and the film will premier during the summer. Jiang Nan is probably most famous for his book series Novoland 《九州》.

Title: Shanghai Fortress 《上海堡垒》
Director: Teng Huatao (滕华涛)
Starring: Lu Han (鹿晗), Shu Qi (舒淇), Godfrey Gao (高以翔), Kid Young (王宫良), Sun Jialing (孙嘉灵)
Plot: In the future our world has been attacked by sinister alien forces and conquered all of earth except Shanghai which now has become humanity’s last hope. University student Jiang Yang is following commander Lin Lan in to the Shanghai fortress in order to become a commander himself. Lin Lan assembles a team consisting of herself, Jiang Yang and other friends in order to fight back the alien attack and destroying their secret weapon.

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